Fresh Design

Since you keep our bottles forever, we've designed them in an array of colors and concepts to act as a canvas for self expression
and be an extension of the things you love.

Whether you're an executive or soccer mom, in a rock group or school band,
ride a long board or like to shoot hoops, you can choose a bottle that reflects your individual style. 

switch product shot 1 new.jpg

Eco-friendly Reusable Shuttle

Purchase our refillable bottle, known as the Switch "Shuttle" just once and keep it as long as you need deodorant. Available in a variety of colors and unique designs.   

Replaceable Deodorant Cartridges

Effective antiperspirant , regular deodorant and all natural options in crisp, gender neutral scents. Our standard 2 ounce cartridge can be applied to each end, providing two different scents in one bottle for variety.

Convenient Home Delivery 

Our subscription service is convenient, affordable and meets the needs of customers who would prefer not to run to the store when deodorant is low. Enjoy the comfort and ease of effective products ordered online and delivered to your front door.